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Tuesday, March 12, 2013 3:16 PM 0 Atashinci(s)


today in an English Class , I learn about hero . who is my hero ? my friend said that my hero is Superman (Mohamad Khairul Salleh) . yeah ! thats true . he is my hero . he always make me feel safety and happy when we together . he is my friend , bro , love n others . sometime he will be my enemy when we rowdy .

BUT ! the truth hero in my life is my Father (Hamim Sabaran) . why ? let me tell you .
I remember the moment when my lovely brother pass away . that morning , my father call me . tell me that my brother was going far far far away from us . you know what I'm feel right ? I cried as loud as I can . I said to my father "adek nak abang ! adek nak abang !" . my older sister cried too . I hear that my father also cried . he said , "abang balik jap lagi . nanti adek jumpa abang ye" . suddenly , I talk to myself . "abang .. adek mintak maaf tak sempat nak ciom abang mase abang kat hospital . adek sedih sampai sekarang sebab adek tak ikut kata hati adek . adek cuma dapat ciom abang bila abang dah sejuk dan kaku" . till now , I'm cried when I think about it . when the 'Jenazah' arrive home , I kiss my late brother for the last time . I see his face was calm . he like sleeping . my father sit at the back . I go to my father and he hug me tightly . he calm me .

thats why I say that my father is my hero . he always beside me , angry and comment when i'm wrong , work hard to give my family and i money , and the most important is he love us as he love himself . ABAH , I LOVE YOU ! ^_^

let listen this song .
Title :: Hero
Sing by :: Mariah Carey
press here !

hero is inside your heart . :')
* I cry when I listen this song . try to listen and understand the lyrics .*
#sorry if my english broken